Samsung Galaxy SM-J710GN Success Unlock with Z3X

Please wait, generating hash codes file, this can take few minutes... OK
Searching Samsung modem... detected COM7
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-J710GN
AP version: J710GNDXU2AQE1
CSC version: J710GNOLB2AQE1
CP version: J710GNDXU2AQE1
Product code: SM-J710GZDUXME
Phone SN: RF8J12M1PMF
IMEI: 358447077615061
IMEI2: 358448077615069
Unique number: C00007460D28DB3
Searching Samsung diag port... detected COM8
Reading phone info... OK
CP version: J710GNDXU2AQE1
CP build: May 17 2017 18:37:17
Reading data from phone... OK
Reading NV data... OK
Modem board: SHANNON315
Checking NV data... OK
Calculating... OK
Please wait, calculating codes... OK (time - 00:00:00)
Freeze code: 61535193
NET lock: 02497082
SUB lock: 00000000
SP lock: 00000000
CP lock: 00000000
SIM lock: 00000000
For check lock status: *#7465625#

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.31.4

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