Computers and Laptops Repairing Shop Service in Near Colomb Sri Lanka


 Computers and Laptops Repairing Shop Service in Near Colombo 


Cracked Screen

        Fiix-A-Phone ’s expert technicians specialize in cracked screen repair – and not just for cell phones. We efficiently and affordably repair broken computer screens on all of the most common makes and models.

 Water Damage

        If you have a water damaged computer, visit Fiix-A-Phone  as soon as possible. Our technicians can diagnose the extent of the damage and repair it quickly, so you don’t have to be without your computer for long.

 Speaker Not Working

        A damaged computer speaker can impair your user experience. If your speaker sounds muffled, distorted or simply is not producing any audio, bring it to one of Fiix-A-Phone ’s conveniently located stores for a repair or replacement.

 Slow Performance

        Slow computer? You could be experiencing issues with your operating system or other internal software. Fiix-A-Phone  can pinpoint the problem and fix it fast, so your computer can get back to working for you.

 Dead Battery

        Is your computer’s battery no longer holding a charge? If your computer is not charging or is continually losing battery power, stop by Fiix-A-Phone  and let our expert tech team diagnose and fix the problem.

 System Crashing

        When it comes to your digital devices, nothing is worse than a system crash. If you’re experiencing the dreaded blank screen of a system failure, bring your computer to Fiix-A-Phone  for a free diagnosis and estimate on repair services.


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