CCTV & Other Security System Service and Installation in Colombo

 CCTV  & Other Security System Service and Installation in Colombo

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Experts Choose " iTech Security " Home / workplace Security Named "Best Home Security overall" via US News & World Report, and awarded by using Popular Mechanics and more.

HD Security Camera

- HD Security Camera

See what happened anytime there's been an alert at home.

Base Station

- Base Station

The brains. Comes with a built-in mobile phone connection to swiftly alert our emergency dispatch center.

Key Fob

- Key Fob

Arm/disarm with a touch—with a hidden panic button for dispatching authorities.

Water Sensor

- Water Sensor

Alerts you to leaks earlier than they flip into bursts, floods, or mold.

Motion Sensor

- Motion Sensor

Alerts you when anybody undesirable walks through. Covers a whole room.

Temperature Sensor

- Temperature Sensor

Alerts you to unsafe extremes—colds that can freeze pipes & warmness that causes fitness risk.

Panic Button

- Panic Button

Use it to immediately trigger the alarm-and comes with a silent panic option.

Entry Sensor

- Entry Sensor 

Guards your windows. Doors too. Designed to disappear so you in no way note them.

Keypad Sensor

- Keypad Sensor

Place it anywhere, no plug needed. Arm your device with a single touch. Lights up at night.

Glass break Sensor

- Glass break Sensor

Alerts you if any person smashes a window. Covers a whole room full of windows.

Smoke Detector

- Smoke Detector

Detects early, earlier than full fires damage out. Our execs will ship firefighters straight to your door. 

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