Samsung Phones Repairing in Colombo

Samsung Phones Repairing in Colombo


Samsung Repair

Your Samsung repair in Sri Lanka with Fiix-A-Phone Best quality repair service with Experts Technicians. We specialize in Cracked or Broken Samsung’s screen, Water Damages or Liquid Damages, Charging Port or Not Charging Issues, Chip-Level Motherboard Repairs. An our excellent Best service and 10,000 Satisfied Customer Record your Samsung is in the right hands.

Samsung Screen Repair

Get your Samsung screen replacement with genuine Samsung Parts. Your Cracked or Broken Samsung screen can be change in under 15 minutes by our Repair ready Our technical staff at our Shops.

Samsung Battery Replacement

Samsung battery replaced in 15 minutes. This is how long it will take for us to change your Samsung Battery’s. We are using the Highest-Grade or OEM (Official Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Cheaper than Samsung Repair Store.

Original OEM / O-LED / A Grade Displays.

Samsung Latest Models are using OLED OEM Displays. These are very expensive even at the Samsung Store. We can fix the Display Replace within within 30 Minutes.

Samsung’s Motherboard Chip-Level Repair

If you have error when you switch on you might have a Samsung’s Motherboard Problem which will need fixing. We can replace the BB or PM IC for your phone which will allow everything to function normally again.

Button Repair

If you find the Damaged or Broken Buttons on your Samsung’s Repair are malfunctioning or not working altogether, be sure to visit your local FIIX-A-PHONE. Our repair Technicians can resolve the problem quickly and affordably.

Samsung Water Damage

You take your Samsung’s Repair everywhere, so it’s not uncommon for water damage to dampen your experience. FIIX-A-PHONE has experience in Liquid or Water Damage repairs and can successfully restore your Samsung’s quickly and affordably.

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